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An escape into the forest, a hypnotic bunker, a whirling staircase, a leap into the void. “Dear spectator, in our film do not expect childish dreams or happy worlds”, with these words a plural voice welcomes the spectator.
Some kids are stuck in their nightmares, an imaginary of loneliness, disorientation and resignation. Jumping from one nightmare to another, like in a spiral game, they will finally be able to meet in a saving world where reality and dream come together and everything acquires balance, the ideal place in which to build a safe haven together. But what if reality was just another dream?

This film was born in a participatory video workshop carried out in Palermo between 2020 and 2021. The workshop involved a group of students from a lower secondary school together with second generation migrant peers.
The plots that intertwine in the film have been woven starting from their imagination and are the result of a shared path. Each narrative and stylistic choice is the result of collective elaborations and writings, in which each student was able to tell a piece of himself and share fears and dreams with the group.
There are those who have put their faces to embody the characters, those who have written and recited the sentences that introduce us to the story, those who have prepared the sets, those who have captured the images and sounds.In the film, the fantasies of this heterogeneous group of boys merge and materialize in a series of dreams which, linked together by visual and sensory suggestions, which have allowed us to explore in depth the experiences of the boys, their employees, the their concerns and wishes.


Alunni Istituto Gonzaga Palermo


Alunni Istituto Gonzaga Palermo


Danny Biancardi, Lorella Libeccio e Virginia Nardelli


Danny Biancardi, Lorella Libeccio and Virginia Nardelli




La Bandita