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Color correction and color grading are two post-production techniques used in video creation, especially in today’s modern world where so many cameras are producing raw and log based digital files. Color correction allows you to use techniques such as saturation, brightness, contrast and color variation to achieve consistency between images , to eliminate any defects or emphasize a color or subject present in the same frame. Color grading occurs at a later stage and focuses on aesthetics and the creation of a specific atmosphere, through the use of color tones and visual styles. The color variation effectively conveys a certain type of emotion that can influence the viewer; For example, a scene with a dominant warm tone can convey a welcoming environment, a cold variant brings back more formal conditions, for instance a green atmosphere can be instinctively associated with a feeling of dissociative type or stress, in fact it is widely used in dystopian films and science fiction.



  • Bla Bla Bla
  • Solo per passione backstage Letizia Battaglia fotografa
  • Effetto 48
  • Semaforo Rosso
  • Foes in the forest
  • Clair-Obscur
  • Via dell’Ombra
  • Oscar


About Giada Di Fonzo:

  • 2009, Diploma scuola di recitazione Teatro Azione, Roma
  • 2018, Diploma Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia -sede Sicilia
  • 2020, Attestato DaVinci Resolve 15 Blackmagic design – Certified User

Competenze: Regia, Fotografia, Data manager, Post- produzione: color correction,  color grading