Film Production, Screening, Laboratory

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Editinng of commissioned film teasers and trailers and design of film dossiers. Production of institutional videos, commercials, posters, and graphics of various types.

A fully equipped editing room available for rent located in Palermo’s city center. 

Hackintosh: OS Mojave. Processor: Intel I9 9900k 3.60ghz max 5.00ghz, 8core 16thread. Ram: 64gb ddr4 HyperX Predator 3000 Mhz. Video card: RX vega 64 8gb. Coolant x72. Motherboard: Mobo Z390 Designare.

Editing softwares: Final cut 10, Premiere CC 2017, 2019, 2020, Avid 8.4.5, Davinici 16.

Adobe Suite 2019, 2020.